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Cindy has a new home

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Cindy was first introduced to the public at the Ferens Open Exhibition 2017 in Hull. The most common question asked of her is 'how long she took' which unfortunately I couldn't say as she was a gradual project that I did here and there when I had some free time. She originated from a previous project in which I had decorated a friends garden ornaments: the typical fibreglass pigs one has in their garden (!) in a similar fashion and a comment was made that a mannequin would look pretty good given the same treatment. I was walking past a charity shop and there she was staring me down through the window - it was fate. I entered the exhibition as a whim and to my surprise she was accepted. She is now in fact a poster girl of Hull (check out Hull Paragon station), but are you surprised with a body like that? Now, she has a new home in BE Coffee so you can go and check her out over a delicious cup of coffee. The cafe is tucked away next to Hull Trinity Church.


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